Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I Wasn't Going to Blog

I wasn't going to blog. I really wasn't. I didn't want to get started in a new technology and start something new I would have to maintain. And who knew how long this blog trend might last anyway...

Don't I sound like an unmitigated snob? Hunh.

But wait. Remember, I've been around the technology block a few times by now. I unloaded an expensive BETA video player not that long ago. I was using internet connectivity way back in the 80s, when it was this obscure thing nobody knew about. I actually got bored with it and quit using it! Then the World Wide Web caught on, and *everybody* got involved. So I was dragged into the trend, under protest, feeling like I'd already "been there, done that." And now, of course, it's become a staple in my life.

I sometimes say I've forgotten more than most people know. And I believe that's true, not merely bragging, as demonstrated by the paragraph above. (I am so dating myself!) I've been noodling around with websites the past few years. In my opinion, it will eventually become as common knowledge how to put a website together and get it online as it is now for people to do word processing. (Mind you, I started training people to use computers back in the days when Word Wrap was considered a minor miracle!)

So I was gonna let the blog thing pass me by. Just skip it -- let it go -- fuhgettabouttit.

But then I got like my third crappy comment in my personal website's guestbook -- something to the effect that I was boasting too much. And it pissed me off. Like I don't have enough to worry about in my life without other people taking whacks at me anonymously online. Sheesh!

So I'm going to begin converting my personal webpage into a blog. I think it was a blog before, but it was all run together. Breaking it down will make it more palatable for visitors, easier to swallow somehow. The way it is right now, I think the torrent of information is unsettling.

Besides, by now I've set up other blogs to link with some webpages I've posted online. I developed them so people could comment on stuff I've written, and I discovered how easy they are to do. I mean, really easy. (SO easy that I heard myself telling my husband how *he* ought to have a blog.) So I guess I convinced myself.

Hello blogging world -- here I am.

I hope you find something worthwhile from my efforts.


Chas Chesterfield Esq. said...

You weren't going to blog. But now you have. So...all you need now is something to say. Such as: finding other bloggers and using your innate gifts of insight and analysis to help them become more complete people. And, pending that, getting them to quit filling cyberspace with narcissistic ramblings. And cut down on drinking. Fat chance.

Vicky Jo said...

LOL. Thanks for the heads-up. I was planning to write loads of narcissistic rambles, but now that you've doused me with a bucket of refreshing water, I'm gonna re-think that.

I appreciate your support and I get it. I think I do anyway, now that I've had a few drinks.