Thursday, November 02, 2006

Caricatures of Me

For some reason, I get sketched frequently. Or else it's pure coincidence, and I got in the habit of collecting them along the way.

This first one I use like a logo -- I include it in my presentations and other places. It seems less glaring sometimes than a genuine photograph.

Back when I worked at Walt Disney Feature Animation for a time, I modelled for the animators in their "gesture drawing class," taught by the brilliant artist Walt Stanchfield, who was a talented Disney animator himself. (He worked on projects like "The Jungle Book.")

Modelling is a blast! But harder than you think. You have to hold each pose for a full five minutes or so -- so if you stick your leg up in the air on a whim, you have to keep it there for five long, excruciating minutes. Other models I know got bored and quit.

Here's what Walt published about me in one of his newsletters. Click to see anything in a larger size.
(Errata: the artist's name is really Gilda Palinginis.)

Here's a sketch one of the animators did that he presented me with. I'm still startled by his generosity, and extremely flattered. (No, I did not model for him -- he just turned up with this amazing drawing one day!)

And here is me as an anime character! My talented niece, Heather, drew these delightful sketches of me. Isn't she talented?

I can't decide which color I like better. Which one do you think reflects my personality best? (Click to enlarge them.)

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