Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Townhouse

Have I told you about my townhouse?

In 1999 purchased a 3-bedroom place behind the Roosevelt Hotel -- and was promptly punished by being voted President of the Homeowner's Association, sigh.

Sometimes I think this is a kewl place to be; other times I worry it's too urban (you should hear the racket on Saturday night!). But I'm thrilled with the new Kodak Academy Awards Theatre they've built across the street from The Disney Store, along with an amazing complex of hotel, ballroom, restaurants, theatres, and Studio stores -- all intended to "revitalize" Hollywood. (Real estate agents have been calling to ask if we'll sell because the property's become so desirable -- woohoo!)

Some Fridays when we stroll to the bank we stumble over a Star of Fame ceremony studded with celebrities -- and at Christmas we can simply wander up the street to take in the annual Christmas parade starting in front of the Chinese Theatre (okay, so that event is rather cheesy).

Inside, we have two parking spaces and my own washer & dryer (heaven!). It boasts a tiny gas fireplace, and two outside balconies. Two full baths are upstairs; a half bath downstairs. Three bedrooms, a good-sized kitchen, dining room, and "sunken" living room. It's 1,345 square feet altogether. It ain't the Taj Mahal, but I won't freak if you spill a drink either. Reasonably dreadful pictures are here.

We've been trying to remodel it some and decorate -- but it is a never-ending chore.

Addendum: now that I've bought a new house, I've put this one on the rental market -- but before it goes, here's your chance to see what it sorta looked like before we moved out.

Click here to view 12-picture slideshow.

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