Thursday, November 02, 2006

Drafting my Personal Purpose Statement

I'm developing a purpose statement for myself. How does this grab you?

I am the spark that connects the Self to the bigger picture. When I take an interest in someone, I help them find their path and inspire them to follow it. I function reflexively as a catalyst and often nudge others toward their higher purpose. I experience and share creative insights that inspire innovation, impart vision, or empower others to express their potential. I seek the Universe's guidance, and strive to appreciate the many blessings woven through my life.

I mostly do these things anyway, so even if you think all that sounds corny it's still me, can't help it.

Because I got burned out giving away this sort of support without recognition, I became a professional Life Coach. That way I might devote myself to it, and be compensated and appreciated for doing it besides! Woohoo!

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